TEA CENTENARY YEAR SOUVENIR. Pioneers of the Tea Industry in Ceylon (A) JAMES TAYLOR James Taylor the father of the Ceylon Tea Industry opend up the first Clearing on Loolecondera Estate, Hewaheta. Born in Kincardinshire, Scotland in...

Dravidian Settlements in Ceylon and Beginnings of the kingdom of Jaffna

This thesis is a study of the settlements founded by Dravidian-speakers from South India, chiefly the Tamils Ceylon before the end of the thirteenth century. Although any notable Dravidian settlement was not established in the island until after the conquest of the Colas at the turn of the tenth century, we have included in this study the sporadic and scattered settlements of earlier times as well.

Catholic Priest Destroyed the Entire Mayan Written Language

The Maya writing system was used in what is now Mexico and Central America for almost two thousand years, until after the arrival of Cortés. It was written in bark paper books, carved on...