Before the LTTE lying propaganda begins memorials & commemorating LTTE dead as civilians, we owe it to our brave war heroes to once again put out some hard facts that are hard to swallow.

One of the key factors to note is that before LTTE terrorism was Tamil separatism. LTTE terrorism became intertwined with Tamil separatism until LTTE assassinated TULF leader A Amirthalingam in his home. Thereafter LTTE took over the terrorism & separatist quest until 2001 when it created a political movement in the form of the TNA who endorsed LTTE as the sole representative of Tamils in 2001-2004 election manifestos. Today, with LTTE no more TNA has again teamed up with the remaining Tamil politicians to continue the separatist quest sans terrorism. LTTE & Tamil leaders have been making the same demands for a separate state.

Sri Lanka’s conflict was terrorist not ethnic, Sri Lanka’s military fought against a non-international armed group and not against civilians. LTTE fought in uniform, gave themselves military designations and this removes their claim to be ‘civilian’. LTTE however did have a civilian armed force, trained to kill. LTTE also had a children’s wing, trained to kill. Thus, in May 2009 Sri Lanka’s military defeated LTTE terrorists not Tamils. The conflict was never between Sinhalese & Tamils though Sinhalese & Tamils have enough of issues against the Sinhalese & Tamils elected to represent them. The Sri Lanka Army is not Sinhalese just as ALL Tamils are not LTTE, though LTTE were all Tamils.

It is because international agencies got these facts twisted that they began a reconciliation sing-song as we see no requirement to reconcile with terrorists.

Knowing this fact, following the end of LTTE, a surge of new groups emerged overseas branching out with numerous demands collaborating with the international entities that covertly assisted LTTE. They  were quick to raise slogans, start campaigns, lobby governments and divert the celebrations towards condemnations. The failure of the then government was to not be prepared for the onslaught & instead their trusted advisors laid out a policy of appeasement that contributed to the dilution of the victory & ultimately meekly accepting every allegation made without challenging to present facts & evidence while also tabling our facts. Thus, the then political advisors failed the armed forces & failed to uphold their duty to safeguard the nation.

Where were these mighty human rights crusaders when LTTE were attacking villages, killing villagers, chasing them from their homes. Killing unarmed civilians, cutting pregnant mothers & babies, shooting people worshipping or planting bombs inside passenger buses, trains & roads.
Why is it that they emerged to hold red cards only after LTTE was defeated? Why couldn’t they demand “accountability” from LTTE, instead it was always either the fault of only the Sri Lanka Armed Forces or “both sides” instead of ever blaming the LTTE?

The handful of Western nations calling themselves ‘international community’ did not stop LTTE kidnapping Tamil children to turn into child soldiers. The Tamil they selected as Rapporteur did not save a single Tamil child from becoming a child soldier.

None of the LTTE Diaspora wailing about human rights ever stopped LTTE recruiting Tamil children. None of UN’s child protection entities could save Tamil children from recruitment.

This international community houses the very LTTE fronts that are richer than they were from a string of businesses they started to collect funds for LTTE. It would be an embarrassment to their intel agencies to say they would have been clueless about these networks! Ironically, the very Australian nurse who trained LTTE children is happily living in the UK & nothing has happened to her even after boasting about training terrorists in successive books authored by her.

None of the UN agencies or foreign governments stopped LTTE killing people or even recruiting children despite 5 peace talks negotiations & countless ceasefires mediated by them.

However just 1 attack on 9/11 was enough to invade a country that took no part in the bombings & led to illegal occupation from 2001 to date (22 years)

There would have been no military offensive if

  • LTTE did not close Mavil Aru anicut & commit war crime of denying water to farmers – this resulted in liberating East from LTTE in July 2007 & North in May 2009.

While LTTE killed throughout 30 years – did UN or diplomats prevent the killings? After Sri Lanka ended LTTE terror the UN & diplomats are coming out demanding “accountability” is this not hypocritical?

They are also silent about the Consultative Committee meetings held twice a week since the military commenced operations against LTTE. All UN & diplomats were briefed & they could ask any questions. They kept mum & after the war ended they are coming out with no food sent, no medicine sent & other bizarre allegations.

While Sri Lanka’s Army saved close to 300,000 Tamils among whom were LTTE in civilian clothing, the LTTE supporters cannot name the 40,000 they claim were killed while not producing a single skeleton if the dead had been buried.

Nevertheless, LTTE shot Tamils to prevent them fleeing & if Sri Lanka Army was killing Tamils, why would Tamils flee to the Sri Lanka Army which was how 300,000 were eventually saved including close to 12,000 LTTE in civilian clothing & 584 child soldiers given Presidential Pardon (something no western govt has ever done).

UN is making noise without facts or evidence.

UN cannot number Tamils killed by LTTE

UN cannot number LTTE dead

But all the allegations are getting credited to the Sri Lanka Army.

While LTTE may have all been Tamil – all Tamils are not LTTE yet do we know how many Tamils supported LTTE, how many Tamils support a separate State, how many Tamils side with TNA & did the LTTE fronts send any relief to the Tamil civilians who were not supporting LTTE?

It may be a hard pill to swallow that LTTE was defeated especially those who were making a living off LTTE. However LTTE defeat brought relief to the majority of citizens & that is what matters.

The $300m powerful LTTE kitty in mid 2000 must have inflated further & now being used to fund politicians, international personalities, organize events/demonstrations & campaigns. Therefore, we cannot take seriously any statements that come from those funded by these entities including the former UNHRC head now taking part in LTTE memorials.

LTTE & Tamil racist politicians have been fooling the world for far too long

First they began quoting riots of 1958, 1977, 1983 then they moved on to bogus discriminations (though their caste discriminates their own), when that failed, they went to scream war crimes, genocide & ethnic cleansing – but without dead bodies, without skeletons & without even names of the supposed to be dead. Canada will become a historical laughing stock for genocide week commemorations! No one is bothered about ethnic cleansing of Sinhalese & Muslims by LTTE or helping resettle them – this shows their hypocrisy, even the UNHRC is clueless to give the numbers of dead or even the LTTE now living as asylum seekers. Justice was also biased – retributive justice for the army that defeated terrorists & restorative justice for the terrorists. The statements of UN officials and diplomats exposes themselves. Even the former UNSG who arrived in SL should have seen flying over the war terrain any signs of newly dug graves – that he couldn’t shows the façade about 40,000 dead. But no one is paying any attention to the 5000 missing Sri Lankan soldiers. Its more fashionable to make allegations against the Army.

Then came the UN panels – one after the other with resolutions drafted calling for accountability by the very country illegally invading & bombing nations – the very same country that left the UNHRC claiming it was a cesspool of bias. It questioned the legality of the resolutions & no doubt this legal aspect will emerge with the truth exposing all involved. The expert reports of 6 international terrorism experts  who concluded that Sri Lanka Armed Forces did not commit war crimes were ignored.

So the gameplan has been to jump from allegation to allegation, funding campaigns & making a noise while their leaders strike geopolitical & investment deals for themselves. It’s a lucrative business – terrorism & post-terrorism.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces are commended for their bravery & we may not be soldiers but we will defend our war heroes and ensure their good name is not tarnished by people who have blood on their hands.

Shenali D Waduge