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Lanka free Library is another project by the Prof. F. R. Jayasuriya foundation undertaken to serve the community. Lanka free Library is established with the view of providing access to useful information and books to the community at large. There is no charge for using the library.

The library can be used by those wishing to gain information and publish their ideas and literary works online. However, the administrators will reserve the right to decide what to publish. While focus will be on literary work relevant to Sri Lanka other literary work may be published at the discretion of the administrators.



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General Election Sri Lanka 2020

Presenting the policy statement of the government by President Gotabaya Rajapaksa

https://youtu.be/1FbWAYbPNGg?t=16 Honourable Speaker, Honourable Prime Minister, Honourable Leader of the Opposition, Honourable Ministers, Honourable State Ministers, Honourable Members of Parliament, I have this opportunity to address you as...

Presidential Election Sri Lanka 2019

Ranjan's Leaked Phone Calls

50 days Political upheaval in Sri Lanka 2019

Easter Sunday Attacks Sri Lanka 2019

Bond Scam Sri Lanka 2015

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Is India pushing Sri Lanka beyond?

The Press and social media in Sri Lanka had been awash these days with what transpired at the recent summit between the Sri Lankan Prime Minister and his Indian counterpart Hon. Narendra Modi. The reason for this media interest had been the controversial request made my Mr. Modi, in response to Sri Lanka’s assurance that their foreign policy is ‘India first’. Mr. Modi in turn, mentioned that Sri Lanka should implement the 13th amendment to its constitution fully to grant equality to Tamils and to accommodate Tamil aspirations.

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The Chinese ‘Debt Trap’ Is a Myth

The narrative wrongfully portrays both Beijing and the developing countries it deals with. DEBORAH BRAUTIGAM AND MEG RITHMIRE FEBRUARY 6, 2021 China, we are told, inveigles...

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