2019 Presidential Election Sri Lanka

2019 Presidential Election Sri Lanka: Gotabaya Rajapaksa Manifesto

Please fulfill your responsibility and I will fulfill my responsibility by creating a secure and prosperous nation. - Gotabaya Rajapaksa

2019 Presidential Election Sri Lanka: Anura Kumara Dissanayaka Manifesto

Our aim is for a state of a balanced economy to bring about a connuous resolute development with a stable growth rao so thatdiscrepancies in the distribuon of income could be minimized and the benets of the economy could be justly distributed.

2019 Presidential Election Sri Lanka: Sajith Premadasa Manifesto

New Democratic Front Presidential candidate Sajith Premadasa released his election manifesto in Kandy by handing over the first copies to the Chief Prelates (Mahanayake Theros) on October 31, 2019.