BY J. O. VAN SANDEN Vice-Consul for the Republic of Poland,

(Ceylon), Author ** Sonahar, ” etc.


It gives me much pleasure to contribute a Fore word to this volume which records the names and careers of the Chieftains of Ceylon who have held office under the British Government. It was a happy thought that such a work should be designed and under- taken , and the work will be a notable contribution to the history of the Island.

CHIEFTAINSHIP is a natural development of social and political life in all countries, and it is well to be reminded of the place which our Chiefs of old occupied among our people. That place would appear to be in consistent in these days with the advance of ideas vaguely described among us as democratic.

THE old order is rapidly changing , but the Chieftains of Ceylon have yet much work to do, and the idea of leadership implied in Chieftaincy must survive, and be a living force in one form or another.

THIS volume will serve as a guide to many as well as a reminder of the meaning of Chieftaincy. I trust that the publication will not only be a success in the usual sense of the term, but that it will be useful to all who are called upon to lead the people in their efforts for advancement.

S. D. Bandaranaike, Kt.,
K.C.M.G., Malm Mudaliyar, etc.
Horagolla, Veyangoda.