The arbitrary removal of a sitting Prime Minister in an unconstitutional manner will plunge the nation into a state of instability, fear and chaos, the Diocese of Colombo of the Church of Ceylon said.

Issuing a statement over the current political developments, the church said it was of the view that there are no provisions in the present Constitution to remove a sitting Prime Minister, as the 19th amendment has reduced the President’s executive powers and transferred such powers to the Prime Minister in Parliament.

“The Democratic frame work enshrined in our Constitution should not be abused for political expediency. We urge the instruments of the State, Religious Institutions and all peace-loving people of our country to join hands to uphold Democratic values and peace with justice for all, as well as the rule of law for the greater common good of the people of our country, and the preservation of Democratic institutions so that all communities that call Sri Lanka home may live without fear and intimidation. We further call upon the Police and Tri Forces to act impartially and with restraint in the enforcing of law and order,” the statement said.