Port City Colombo told the public yesterday that there is no truth in social media posts alleging that the public needs to pay a fee for personal selfies or videos taken at the Port City.

However, a payment structure has been introduced for personal events, professional and/or commercial filming and photography due to the unprecedented number of such requests from the public and private sector to use the newly opened Port City Marina Promenade. It has also been found that such filming/photography was a hindrance, and violates the privacy of visitors to the promenade, a Port City official said.

Taking public safety and ongoing construction into consideration, this payment structure and dedicated time were introduced for anyone wishing to engage in professional filming or photography at the Port City to avoid hindrance to the public and provide a better service for those who need it. The Marina Promenade is open to the public from 9 am to 6 pm daily. Paid filming and photography can be done before 9 am or other time as requested.

This is not applicable for those wishing to take personal pictures, videos, and selfies in the Port City using their personal phones or cameras. Reputed social or mainstream media stations can freely do filming and photography for news or current affairs (non commercial purposes) in the Port City with prior approval.