And the Man who risked everything to Stop him

Murlidharan & Ranatunga vs Australia - 1998-99


Australian tri nation series 1998-99 Sri Lanka vs England

So what do you do when there is a young blooming talent named Muthaiya Murlidharan.

Who has an unorthodox balling action,
Can turn the ball like magic

And is sure to take spin balling to new heights?

Well of course, you make the umpires – Darell Hair and Ross Emerson accuse him of chucking the ball and then put him on probation , so that he can’t play anymore..

Obvious isn’t it?

But what if then ICC does a comprehensive investigation into his balling action and clear him of all wrong doings?

Well then you decide to complete ignore that and you go ahead and hatch plot involving umpires, media and players to make sure that you destroy that players career….


At least that’s what Australian cricket board and umpires tried to do…

This is the story
Of the plan to destroy this cricket legend.

And the one man –
Arjun Ranatunga

Who Put everything at risk To stop it from happening.